Replacement Seat Heater Kits for 240s--Dual Temp!

Did your seat heaters give up the ghost back when Windows 95 was released?  If so, Wagonmeister has the answer.  These high-tech seat heaters come in kit form to repair one seat.  Included in the kit:  One upper and one lower seat heater pad, sized just right to fit the 240's seats; complete wiring harness including power relay, High-Low-Off switch and enough wire for custom or replacement installation. 

As a replacement for existing heaters, you can cut the old plug(s) from your existing heaters, install these and wire the kit to use your existing E-brake console switches and power supply.  In this case the three position switch will be hidden and left in the on position.  Your OEM switches will do the rest.

The kit can also be installed in cars without seat heaters.  The harness provides enough wire length to attach the power lead(s) directly to the assigned fuse at the main fuse panel. 

Includes all connectors for the kit itself as shown.  Heater pads have self adhesive strips to hold them in place on the top/front faces of existing or replacement foam cushions, beneath the seat covers.  As such, some disassembling of the seat is required for installation.   

If you are unfamiliar with your vehicle's electrical system or upholstery, we recommend that this installation/repair be done by a qualified professional.  Incorrect wiring and/or installation can result in serious damage and/or injury from a vehicle fire.  Pads must be installed UNDER the seat covers, not on top of or outside the seat covers.  Electrical installation requires that each heater kit be connected to a fused circuit capable of supporting current draw of 1.5 amps when the heater is on "Lo" and 4 amps when the heater is on "Hi".  Heaters must be wired to a circuit that is only hot when the vehicle's ignition is on.  High Temperature is 120°F and Low Temperature is 90°F


One kit for one seat:  $75 plus shipping. 

If you order these with Wagonmeister lower seat cushion foam, shipping charges are $1 per seat heater kit.

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